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Submit Your Own Work

Now accepting all types of work:

          -Written works

Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, etc.

(Please submit as Word or PDF Doc.)

          -Visual Arts

Digital, Traditional, Photography, etc.


Short Films, Music, etc.

          -Other Creative Works

Include these elements in your submission:

  • Title of the Piece

  • Your Name 

  • Indicate if you’re under 18

Please provide a short description of your work and its genre

We do NOT accept work created by AI, all work must be original 

(This link will take you to a new webpage)

If you have any issues or questions please contact us

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Call for Submissions

It’s 2024 and Northern Eclecta is back!


This year's theme is Metamorphosis: Where We’re Going.


Last year we took a look at the past, but this year we’re focusing on the present and the future. What changed and shaped you? How are you different, or how are you the same? We’re looking to see your growth, your self discovery, your journey, and everything that entails.


Like last year we are accepting fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and any other creative works we can feature in our journal.


There is no word count limit, or submission limit. However, we will not be accepting any kind of submission that uses AI. Your work must be original and made by you.


We accept work created by those of all ages. Any students, staff, alumni, faculty, or other community members are welcome to submit for the chance to be published.


Accepting Submissions until

         March 13th 2024

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