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For Our Readers

We’d really like to know your thoughts and get your feedback for our journal. Every year, the Literary Publications class gets new students and new ideas, however, we basically start from scratch every year. We do build on our previous editions, and are able to look over the work from past staff members, but we also lose the perspectives of the students who have had a hand in putting together the previous journal. 

To help us bridge the gap a bit, we want to know what you think about the journal- what we’ve done especially well, or things that you think we could try to improve on. Our journal itself, the submission process, our social media accounts, our website, and our blog are all aspects of our journal and our class that we’d like to make better in the future, and we need your help to do that.


You, our readers, are what helps keep this journal alive, and you keep our staff motivated. We would like you to help us improve our journal. Leave your questions, comments, suggestions, and constructive feedback to help us give you more of the things that you would like to see from us!

Some Questions to Consider

How Was your Experience With Us?
What medium are you referring to?
How relevant was this medium for you?
Is there anything you would change, that would improve your experience?
How satisfied were you with this medium?
If you're commenting on our socia media accounts, which one?
How likely are you to recommend us to friends and family?

Thanks for your feedback!

Theme Suggestions

Since Northern Eclecta is the finalized product of Literary Publications- a class that is only offered during the spring semester at NDSU- the theme will not be finalized until the class meets and discusses their suggestions in early January.


However, if you have a theme in mind, or a concept/idea that you want Literary Publications to consider for the journal, you can leave your thoughts about your theme suggestions for future editions of Northern Eclecta here.

Thanks for your feedback!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ page and see what other people have asked in regards to Northern Eclecta, the submission process, and the Literary Publications course.

If you want to leave any other questions, comments, thoughts, or opinions about Northern Eclecta or Literary Publications, please reach out to us through our Contact tab!

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