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Why NDSU is Great for Writers

North Dakota State University is a fantastic institution that caters to nearly every academic need that you can imagine. The University is most known for its engineering and agricultural programs, but it has so much more to offer. For young and aspiring writers, this school has many different resources that can be accessed with simple action.

NDSU’s Center for Writers is one of these incredible outlets for those in need of assistance of any kind. This no-cost service offers one on one sessions, writing workshops, and grant writing assistance from talented and experienced writers involved in the university. To reach out to the Center for Writers you can send an email to

A second great aspect of NDSU’s writing department is the professors. There have been so many different professors that have inspired and instructed me since I started taking classes here. David Binkard, Jamee Larson, and Lisa Arnold are just a few fantastic teachers who I’ve taken classes with and I would recommend. There’s never been a time that these teachers didn’t have a moment to email me back to answer a question or wish me well during an absence. Professors and instructors like these make it their duty to not only teach the given material but to help create ideas in your head so you can put them to paper. There’s no shortage of writing assistance at NDSU.

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