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Revision Reflection- Things to Know Before Submissions Close

Hello everyone! My name is Jamie, and I am on the design team for the NDSU Northern Eclecta Art and Literary Journal. So far, the class has been a wonderful experience, and I have been learning so much when it comes to the design aspects of publishing. Lately, our class has been focusing on looking at all the submissions you guys have been sending in! So, if you want a chance to have your work published, make sure to submit your work before this Friday, March 10. Now is also a good time to be thinking about revisions.

One thing I have found to be helpful when revising is to read your writing aloud to yourself or others. It is much easier to catch errors when you are speaking rather than just proofreading. Another thing to think about is format, especially with poems, it’s important to check that your writing looks exactly how you want it to before submitting your work. Other than that, just make sure to remember the journal’s deadline is this Friday the 10th. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful art and writing submissions!

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