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Do you attend NDSU and have an English major or minor? Look no further than ENGL 313. This class is a fantastic way to learn the editorial process, produce content, and work in a team of others who are passionate about literature. Whether you’re interested in promotion, reviewing lit works, or showing your design skills, the Northern Eclecta team has a spot for you! My experience with the social media team this semester has been outstanding, and I couldn’t recommend signing onto the team enough.

Although there are tight deadlines and responsibilities for every member, this course is invaluable for anyone taking it. ENGL 313 has taught me how to stick to the necessary deadlines and how to successfully analyze works of literature from our submissions inbox. The instructor, Jamee Larson, has created a great environment for students that lets them choose their roles within the production process, making it convenient for everyone involved. If a course on the production process of a literary journal interests you, don’t hesitate to register for ENGL 313!

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