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Introductions: The Editing Team

What We Do: Our work lies mostly in the submission review process. After we get submissions, we discuss and review each one as a whole class and then vote on whether the piece fits our theme and if we want it in the journal. Then, the editing team comes in. For pieces that we voted “Yes!”, we suggest some light editing and such and then send those suggestions to the creators for their approval and feedback. For “maybe” pieces, we’ll decide for sure if the piece will go in the journal based on the size of our submission pool, if it truly fits our theme, and the quality of the work.

We also help out by creating and editing texts for the class and journal like the concept page and mission’s statement. This year, we went through the past volumes of Northern Eclecta and discussed cool tidbits and features.

Our cool, calm, and (somewhat) collected leader, Monika. Hello all! I am a second year English major with a creative writing minor. This will be my second year in the class. I’d say the best part about the class is how different things can be from year to year. Already we’ve made some fun changes. For instance, we’ve updated the journal's title from Northern Eclecta Literary Journal to include art as well, making our new name Northern Eclecta Art and Literary Journal. It may not seem like that big of a change but it highlights our growing commitment to including the various arts produced by our wonderful community. Beyond the name, we’ve also really grown in numbers since last year. Having so many people does present some new challenges, but it's worth it to have so many creative insights. As for me, being the Head of the Editing Team is a pretty big leap. I’m not what you’d call the most go-getting. Even still, I took up the mantle and am making the most out of this experience. It really helps that my team is so kind and helpful. Cody, my second in command, is always there to pick up any slack and encourage everyone to succeed. I couldn’t do the job without them, and am super thankful.

In keeping with our theme, We’ve Been Here Before: The Stories that Shape Us, a favorite memory of mine is hunkering down for a scary movie night at the end of Trick or Treating with my close friends. We would spend the first movie separating out our candy and trading things we didn’t like for what we did, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying each other’s company.

I’d like to thank you for reading, and contributing! You all are what keeps this class running. I look forward to reading through everyone’s submissions, they’ve been very good so far, and I imagine they will only get better.

Our adorable, sweet, kind second-in-command, Cody. Hi, all! I’m studying English and Psychology at NDSU. I joined Northern Eclecta because I love the peer review process and want to make people’s pieces shine. One of my favorite memories is hugging a tree on campus because it comforted me. I also have fond memories of playing cards with my grandparents every day after school in seventh and eighth grade. I think of my job as being the head cheerleader, making sure everyone’s opinions are heard, and letting them know that their thoughts matter. I’m also perpetually taking notes… so I’m the unofficial scribe for the class. I look forward to reading and viewing your pieces and, well, making them shine.

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