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Introductions: The Design Team

Hey everyone, my name is Kylie and I’m the team lead for this year's design team. I’m a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in English. So it may seem a little odd, but trust me I love the work I do. I worked on the journal last year just as a member of the design team and I loved it. I’m glad I was able to come back and lead the wonderful group I have. Currently we have 8 design team members including myself. Most of our design team members majors are in the art field and they all know what to look for when it comes to design.

As the design team it is our job to take what you guys submit and create the journal from it. From things like fonts and formats to making pages and putting all the work in an order that makes sense for our readers. Making sure that your work looks its best so everyone can see your hard work, but ours as well.

Our main focus is putting the journal together, but of course that process is still in the works right now. Tossing out ideas and getting a feel for the look of this year's journal. We can’t wait to start looking at some of the art that has been submitted from all of you and we can’t wait to complete this journal for everyone.

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