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Choosing the Cover of Volume 17

Happy Memorial Day!

One of my primary responsibilities as a member of the design team was to create the Volume 17 cover. While this may seem like a monumental task for some, I recognized the importance of creating a cover design that is eye-catching and representative of our journal. I had a list of goals I aspired to hit for this year's cover, which included choosing a noticeable art piece that encapsulates our theme and an easy-to-read design consistent with the inside of the journal.

After looking through all of our wonderful art submissions, I had to make the choice of which piece best fit our theme and would best portray Volume 17. While there were numerous beautiful, nostalgic, and profound artworks accepted into the journal, one in particular stuck with me. The work I selected contains an appealing color palette, a strong connection to the theme, and a lot of potential for versatility.

"A familial innuendo" by Brooke Bergen is the gorgeous piece you can find on the cover of Volume 17 of Northern Eclecta, titled "We've Been Here Before, The Stories that Shape Us." The work depicts a scene reminiscent of iSpy books from the late 90s with various toys and items we have all interacted with in our childhood. The unity of the monochrome greenish blue appears like a film filter on our memories, which I felt perfectly epitomizes the true meaning of our 2023 journal.

After choosing the image, the rest of the design process was quite simple. I threw together several designs with different influences and formats. We reviewed them as a class and came up with the final design you see in our journal. The fonts featured on the cover are the same on the front matter, which establishes consistency and professionalism, demonstrating our dedication and care for the journal.

Overall, several of our many submissions had the potential to be a cover image, which makes the process all that much more difficult yet rewarding for all of the members of the team and our contributors. We are incredibly proud of the journal this year and wholeheartedly know we have outdone ourselves once again.

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