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Caitlin's Introduction

Hey Everyone! I’m Caitlin, and I was the Design team lead this semester- but I thought of myself as more of a facilitator to the design team than anything else. One of my main priorities was to work on the website. I started working on the website in 2023 for We’ve Been Here Before, and pretty much became the website team by myself. In 2024 Metamorphosis, I added merchandising to my repertoire. 

I’ve had this goal for the past year or so, that I want to broaden my horizons. Not necessarily too far from where I currently am, but forcing myself to expand what I already know and feel comfortable with. I tend to be someone that kind of stays in my comfort zone, for the most part. My biggest reason I created this goal was mostly in regards to reading and writing. 

I used to have this bias against anything that wasn’t fiction- if it’s real, it’s not fun. I kept that mindset for most of high school. In college, I’ve begun to really see the merit that nonfiction has. I’ve taken all of the creative writing courses, forcing myself to write in styles that I’m not so comfortable with, but also finding alternate methods that I prefer than my previous way of writing. 

However, after joining Literary Publications, I can say for certain that working on the Northern Eclecta website in 2023, and then creating Northern Eclecta’s merch in 2024 has definitely allowed me to accomplish this task- to a much larger degree than I had originally planned for or anticipated.

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