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Vol. 16 - 2022

Hue  Contributors

Learn a bit about 2022's authors and artists!

Aiden Akkerman

Aiden Akkerman is from Minnesota and spent his whole life in Rochester. His inspiration for "Uzma" was a woman he met by chance. Someone who radiates pure sunshine, she was such a unique person and had such a unique outlook on life.

Cameron Bauder

Cameron Bauder is an alumni of North Dakota State University with a degree in Theatre and Creative Writing. He would like to thank Alice, the inspiration for this story and many more to come.

Brady Bergeson

Brady Bergeson is a Senior Lecturer in English at NDSU. He teaches creative writing, with a focus on the creative process and screenwriting. His work has appeared on stage in Minneapolis, Chicago and New York, and aired on Minnesota Public Radio.

Max Borman

Max Borman is an alumni of NDSU from Minneapolis, MN who majored in English and Journalism. He has a passion for writing and tries to write almost every single day, as long as the ideas are flowing. He wishes he knew where his inspiration came from, but his story ideas arrive at the strangest times, like when he's playing on his phone at 2 a.m. or browsing the grocery aisle at Target.

Maria Brien

Maria Brien is the 5th out of the 8 children in her family. She grew up in rural Belcourt North Dakota, and is currently in her junior year at NDSU, studying visual arts with an emphasis in photography.

Allie Jo Brines

Allie Jo Brines was born in Fargo and has always had a passion for painting. She completed this painting right before she graduated high school.

HảiVy Từ Châu

HaiVy Chau is a professional second year student studying pharmacy. She is from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota and is a first generation American raised by Vietnamese immigrant parents. At North Dakota State University, she has been an RHA Diversity Initiative leader who does their best in promoting diversity and inclusion in the campus community.

Cyan Coello

Cyan Coello is a Senior graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.

Yuki Coyle

Yuki Coyle is an artist based in Fargo Moorhead. She finds her own memories of being outdoors and traveling to be inspiring for her work.

Anthony Faris

James Anthony Faris is a sculptor, writer, photographer and mixed media artist from Southeast Georgia. He is currently living and working in Fargo, ND.


Mr. Faris graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography. In 2014, he completed his M.F.A. from Georgia Southern University in 3D Art. Mr. Faris is a co-founding member of the Stillmoreroots group: a rural arts advocacy group that began in 2002. He has worked in community development as Education and Outreach Director of Gallery RFD and Director of Downtown Development for the City of Swainsboro. He currently works as an instructor and Gallery Coordinator & Curator of Collections for North Dakota State University.

William Heinzen

William Heinzen is the author of the fantasy novels "Warrior of Light" and "City of Darkness", as well as the short stories "Malichon Manor", "Nightfall", and "Shadows in the Snow". He has been a guest speaker on fantasy fiction at FanExpo New Orleans, Tampa Bay Comic Convention, ValleyCon, and iMagicon. William lives in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he works as a cybersecurity professional by day and writes by night. In 2018 he was named to Prairie Business Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list. "Silence in the Forest" is an excerpt from William's upcoming fantasy novel, which will follow the storyline established in "Warrior of Light" and "City of Darkness".

Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her experiences growing up alongside her activism currently shapes her writing and her passion for sharing her thoughts on activism with others.

Kent Kapplinger

Kent Kapplinger developed a love of nature while farming and a passion for art and printmaking during his university studies. As an artist, he learned he required periods of actively creating followed by those of reflection. “Quiet” represents a regenerative niche, a moment to reflect and recharge.

Hannah Khan

Hannah Khan is from Fargo, ND. She is a biology major in the accelerated BSc/MSc program.

Cole Kralicek

Cole Kralicek is just a computer scientist with a love for science fiction writing. He stylizes himself as a purveyor of the beyond, always focusing on what lies just out of reach and sight—possibly between the stars, wondering just how the great cosmos can offer us a unique introspective to what makes us human.

Kylen Kubas

Kylen Kubas is majoring in English at NDSU and is on the editing team of Northern Eclecta. She is from Gladstone, ND and hopes to submit more work to the journal in the future!

Sydney Larson

Sydney Larson is from Pierre, South Dakota and is double majoring in English and Biology at NDSU. She is also minoring in Zoology and Anthropology, and will be graduating in the Fall of 2022.

Brandi Malarkey

Brandi Malarkey is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, administrator, and occasional hot mess. She is a collector of dead bugs and good books, and a believer that ordinary miracles and small kindnesses have the power to change the world.

Thomas Mehrer

Thomas Mehrer is an artist, poet, and musician from Rutland, ND. He is inspired by music, nature, current events, and many, many other things.

Ally Murphy

Ally Murphy is an Art Education major with a passion in mixed media and instillation work. She was born and raised in Eagan, Minnesota.

Emily Nouv

Emily Nouv is a senior at NDSU as a English major with emphasis on business administration.

Hannah Olson

Hannah Olson is a sophomore at NDSU as a French Education major. She was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota so she loves learning about other cultures and places outside of her hometown. She believes that language provides great insight into peoples lives which is why she is dedicated to learning other languages.

Sara Sabharwal

Sara Sabharwal is a poetess, writer, author, and storyteller from Peoria, Illinois. Her ambition is to leave the world more beautiful than she found it. Drawing from her own experiences, she uses words to create vivid pictures dripping in imagery. Poetry has always been a vital part of Sara’s life, compiling her first collection of poetry at age eleven. In her own words, “writing is the essence of my being. I dream in poetry and bleed in ink.”


You can find Sara’s work on her Instagram page @sarasabswrites or on her website


Her published books are available on Amazon. She has also been featured in numerous publications ranging from literary magazines to anthologies.

McKenzie Salyers

McKenzie Salyers is 19 and she is from Grand Forks, ND. Her major is health service, so she doesn't often have the opportunity to express her creative side. Despite this, she has always loved writing and expressing herself.

Monika Sauer

Monika Sauer is a freshman at NDSU. She is an English major who hopes to find a career in the field of editing and publication. She finds inspiration in reading, and wants nothing more than to be paid to read books for a living. Having taken up writing somewhat recently, she is hopeful about continuing to write and what opportunities she might find down this path.

Marie Sayler

Marie Sayler is nineteen years old and a freshman English major at NDSU. She can usually be found in a coffee shop or a bookstore, and her favorite word right now is "riveting."

Jennifer Sheets

Jennifer Sheets grew up between Fargo, North Dakota, and western Montana. She holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from the University of Montana. She works for a nonprofit in Fargo and spends her time running, cooking, gardening, and playing with her husband, dog, and son, Henry Danger.

Hannah Slater

Hannah Slater was born and raised here, in Fargo, ND, and she describes herself as an avid reader and writer.

Nick Steinbrecher

Nick Steinbrecher was a diesel mechanic working on tractors in Saskatchewan when he decided that he needed to pursue a more creative lifestyle. After getting accepted into the architecture program at NDSU, his wife and him moved to Fargo, where he joined the Army National Guard as a Blackhawk repairer. Since then, his wife and him have become a family of three and have started a business creating digital renders of homes and buildings.

Beth Twomey

Beth is a librarian at NDSU who is pursuing a fine arts degree.

Sydney Ulrich

Sydney Ulrich is an NDSU student studying strategic communications and fine arts with an emphasis in graphic design. She has always had a love for creation and discovered her art abilities in the last few years! Her preferred medium is graphic design however she has recently discovered a love for print making (screen printing), ceramics, and hyperrealism. She is very excited to see her progression in the coming years!

Reign Wegscheid

Reign Wegscheid enjoys writing horror and fantasy. She hopes that one day she can become a known writer.

Winnie Weninger

Winnie Weninger (they/any) is a third year student at NDSU. They are a strategic communications and visual arts student with a focus in graphic design. They are excited to be sharing their work in this journal!

Mysha Wenzel

Mysha Wenzel is an artist and graphic designer based in Minnesota. Her work is inspired by nature and it's beauty, and how we can contribute to that beauty. She hope to keep contributing to the art community and working with other wonderful artists and writers in the future!

Jake Williams

Jake Williams is originally from New Rockford, North Dakota and has been writing from a young age. He takes inspiration from horror manga artist Junji Ito and Stephen King.

S.J. Williamson

S.J. is a graduate teaching assistant for the NDSU English department. She draws her inspiration from moments of peace and anxiety. Her works here reflect two aspects of her home in California, the ocean and her Cuban ethnicity.

Emma Zauhar

Emma Zauhar is a 17 year old student at Shakopee High School. She spends her free time on extracurriculars like Black Student Union, Ambassadors of Change, and tennis.

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