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Welcome to Northern Eclecta

Who We Are!

Northern Eclecta is North Dakota State University's student-run, yearly-printed, Art and Literary journal. The staff are all a part of NDSU's Literary Publications class. The journal was established in 1995 with the original name, Carbon World. In 2007, the journal's title was officially changed to Northern Eclecta

At Northern Eclecta, we aim to promote creative expression in the written and visual arts; therefore, all NDSU students are always welcome to submit their work for possible publication. We are excited to announce that we have opened up submissions to more than just students; in hopes to reach a larger audience, make a bigger impact, and come together as a stronger community, Northern Eclecta accepts submissions from any  creator — near or far, so spread the word! To learn more about Literary Publications, and our timeline, click here-


We publish annually, with a unique theme for each year's journal, so if you've submitted your work to us in the past and it didn't make the cut, fear not! Although we do run a competitive journal, maybe your work just didn't quite fit the theme for the year; however, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be perfect for another one of our themes! We encourage you to submit every year, whether you've been featured in our journals before or not!

We're focused on making our journal stand out! We've expanded our submission genres to include visual and auditory artwork/performances, so that artists can submit their music, plays, speeches, etc.. We'll then accompany those submission with a QR code, so that our journal readers can easily pull up those links! We are open to accepting nearly ANY genre of work, and we'll be sure to find the best way to showcase your work in our journal. 


New This Year — We've Been Here Before, Volume 17!

Our life experiences impact us in many ways, and reflecting on past events can provide insight into our sense of self and our artistic expression. In Volume 17, Northern Eclecta encourages creators to reflect on their past and how they have been shaped by it. “We’ve Been Here Before” aims to allow creators to focus on their memories, the feelings of nostalgia, where they’ve been, and how these experiences have ultimately influenced their craft. Focus on looking back at the things that have inspired you, that have led you to where you are and that make you want to create. Northern Eclecta accepts submissions in art, all genres of writing, and other creative mediums.


We've Been Here Before, The stories that shape us

Volume XVII Now Available!

This year's theme is We've Been Here Before, The stories that shape us.





While you wait for the next journal feel free to check our archives and look at past journals!

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2023 launch party!

The staff of Volume 17 of Northern Eclecta- We’ve Been Here Before- hosted a Launch Party that was held on May 3rd 2023. It was an open-house style party, at the Memorial Union Gallery in Fargo, to celebrate the staff, all of the contributors, and the release of volume 17.

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