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Why You Should Read Northern Eclecta!

Updated: May 7

  1. Learn Something New: Northern Eclecta provides valuable information about a specific community or topic, allowing readers to learn and expand their knowledge.

  2. Gain Perspectives: Northern Eclecta community journals, books, and blogs offer unique perspectives and insights into the experiences and opinions of people within a particular community, specifically the Fargo-Moorehead area!

  3. Build Connections: Reading about a specific community or topic can help readers feel more connected to that community, even if they are not a part of it. This can foster a sense of empathy and understanding between different groups of people. Northern Eclecta can be that bridge for you!

  4. Enhance Creativity: Reading community journals, books, or blogs can inspire creativity and encourage readers to think outside the box, especially when you can submit for publishing every year!

  5. Support Diversity: Northern Eclecta provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, which can help to broaden readers' understanding of the world around them.

  6. Develop Personal Growth: By exposing themselves to new ideas and perspectives, readers can grow and develop as individuals, gaining new insights into themselves and the world around them.

- Laura Overbo

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